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The annual meeting will take place Sunday May 6 at the range. Festivities will start at noon, meeting at 2 p.m.

Refreshments will be provided. Please bring a
chair and insect repellent.

Bring a covered dish if you want to share.

Renewals received through May 1 have been mailed.

Any use of the range contrary to the rules will be prosecuted as criminal trespass. Infractions include consumption of alcoholic beverages or allowing non-members to shoot.

The lock is set to the combination printed on your membership card. Please make sure the gate is locked when you enter and leave.

The Range Reporter
         The Range Reporter


The Board of Directors and membership wish to thank the following members for their help in reconstructing and repair of the pistol range, new shooting benches, target frames, new flag pole, and other areas:

  • Mike Annweiller
  • Paul Jordan
  • Danny Jaramillo
  • Dr. Elizabeth Williford
  • W.A. "Butch" Kelso
  • Ed Westerman
  • Tommy Le Croix
  • Buch Windsor
  • Ray Short

If we accidentally omitted your name and you have contributed your time and help, please accept our apologies, let us know, and thanks again.

General information

The Galveston Rifle and Pistol Club is the only shooting range for civilians on Galveston Island.

The range is located north of Stewart Road, west of 7 Mile Road. See the map below.

To apply for membership, download the application and mail it to P.O. Box 3001, Galveston, TX 77552. Sponsorship by a current member is required.

Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month, at 6 p.m., at the Happy Buddha Restaurant, 2827 61st Street. Purchase of food and drinks is optional.

Club bylaws

Officers and Directors

Jim Casey, Webmaster

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Affiliated with the National Rifle Association

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Join the NRA. Protect your right to keep and bear arms. Support the shooting sports and firearms safety education.

The goal of Project One Million Texas is to recruit NRA members in the state of Texas until we can boast one million members.

Please consider NRA gift memberships for friends and family. They are available at reduced rates.

Texas State Rifle Association

Texas State Rifle Association

Online registration and payment now available.

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